Slant Letter is for writers like you looking to find your angle, deepen your craft, and tend to the spiritual practice that is (I believe) inherent to the creative process. 

As an executive editor in book publishing, it is both my job and joy to help writers make good words stand out. For eight years and counting, I’ve been writing Slant Letter out of the core belief that if you want your words to stand out and spark life, you gotta make like Emily Dickinson and tell it slant. If content is king, the angle is queen—and we have so much to learn from her, which is why we’re here.

Slant Letter is a studio space for writers to find solidarity and support for the sometimes-angsty, always-worthy work of the creative process. Join the kindred community and see for yourself! 

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About the Editor

Stephanie Duncan Smith is an executive editor who develops award-winning and bestselling authors through her role at Baker Books and previously at HarperCollins. She was nominated for the Publishers Weekly Star Watch program recognizing “the rising stars of our industry,” and is the creator of Slant Letter, a Substack email newsletter for writers who want to deepen their craft and do it in style. 

Stephanie completed her master's in theology from Western Theology Seminary, where she was the two-time winner of the Frederick Buechner Excellence in Writing award. In all her work, she believes that language is wild and alive, and the writing process can be a profound spiritual practice.

She lives with her professor husband, Zach, and their two children in an old house along the river in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Connect with her online at and on Instagram @stephduncansmith

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