SLANT LETTER is for writers like you looking to find your angle, deepen your craft, and practice soul care for the writing life. Because the creative process can be an angsty place! But also a place where spiritual formation happens.

This letter is written by an editor in the book publishing industry, where it is my joy and my job to help writers make good words stand out. And it is my firm belief: if you want your words to stand out and spark life, you gotta make like Emily Dickinson and tell it slant. If content is king, the angle is queen—and we have so much to learn from her, which is why we’re here.

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What you can expect from these letters: 

  • Writing prompts for bringing the boldest expression to your biggest ideas

  • Meaningful methods (no hacks—I don’t believe in those) that can breathe fresh creative energy into your life and work 

  • Close readings of stellar books that can teach you how to become a better writer

  • Real talk + practical ideas for when you feel stuck in the creative process

  • Blessings + benedictions for we anxious, ambitious, internet-exhausted writing folk 

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About the Editor

Stephanie Duncan Smith is an executive editor at Baker Books, where she takes great joy in coaching and championing authors to bring the best out of their message. She’s worked in book and digital media publishing for over 13 years, developing bestselling and award-winning writers.

She spends her days from one book stack to the next, as she is working through her masters from Western Theology Seminary, where she was awarded the Frederick Buechner Excellence in Writing award. In all her work, she believes writing can be a profound practice of spiritual formation, and that the editorial process, at its best, is a pastoral process.  

Stephanie lives with her husband, Zach, and their daughter in Pennsylvania’s capital city. You can find her @stephduncansmith

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Stephanie Duncan Smith

Editor + publishing professional helping writers like you find your angle, write like you mean it, and do it in style.